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AVA Air Condition

Spilt System and Ducted Air Conditioning



Wall - Mounted Type

Inverter E series
Inverter D series
The Next Step in Stylish De sign and Higher Energy Savings
Daikin has taken the next step in achieving the ideal combination of style and efficiency. The DC Inverter series' stylish flat panel ensures a fashionably
elegant appearance, while its groundbreaking DC Inverter technology
realizes high COPs.
Inverter B series
A Step Forward in Performance and Interior Styling
Daikin air conditioners with Inverter Power Control lead the industry with their energy savings and wide model line up. The new B series now delivers even greater energy efficiency with its large-capacity models. All wall-mounted type models also feature a new flat panel design.
Non Inverter series
A Step Forward in Performance and Interior Styling
Daikin air conditioners lead the industry with their energy savings and wide model line up. The new D series now offers an innovative flat panel design and its large-capacity models deliver even greater energy efficiencies.

Duct - Connected Type Air Conditioners
Out Line :

For higher-quality comfort
Placing the air conditioner into the ceiling leaves a room’s design and finish beautiful and undisturbed. Minimal operating sound levels also ensure that even people nearby are almost unaware of the unit's presence.

Wider line up

Low-static pressure type

Middle-static pressure type


A wider line up of indoor units means there is always a suitable model for guest rooms, offices, shops or banquet rooms.

Low-static pressure type: 2.5 kW to 7.1 kW for residences and hotels
Middle-static pressure type: 7.1 kW to 14.0 kW for offices, shops, and residences
High-static pressure type: 7.1 kW to 20 HP for large areas and factories

High-static pressure type

Simultaneous operation of 3 indoor units with 1 outdoor unit
In large spaces, where air-conditioning can be uneven with a single indoor unit, installing 2 to 3 units according to the lighting system layout spreads a comfortable flow of air to every inch of the room.
Twin multi application
Triple multi application

Centralised control system
The system can control up to 1,024 indoor units (64 groups), making it ideal for use in large facilities.

Central remote controller

Unified On/Off controller

Schedule timer

Line up :
FDBG Cooling
FDB 60Hz    
FDYB Heatp
FDMG Cooling
FDYM Cooling
FDYM 60Hz        
FDYM Heatp
FD Cooling
FDY Heatp
*In case of twin and triple multi application
Please direct enquiries about individual products and prices to local distributors.

Inverter & Intelligent Eye

Inverter Power Control and Intelligent Eye Give Top-Class Higher Energy Savings
Daikin’s Inverter Power Control, swing compressor and highly advanced Reluctance DC Motor give the new large-capacity models industry-leading COPs. Plus, all wall-mounted type models are equipped with Intelligent Eye.
This unique function keeps constant watch over air-conditioner operation to reduce waste energy.
Greater Energy Efficiency

With its new large-capacity FTK(X)D50/60/71B, Daikin has optimised the balance between the indoor and outdoor units for the heat exchanger to give higher COPs than for conventional models. FTK(X)D50B provides industry-leading COPs of 3.25 for cooling operation and 3.53 for heating operation. FTK(X)D50/60/71B is specially designed to deliver outstanding energy efficiency in large spaces such as living rooms and small shops.

What is COP? An air conditioner’s COP (Coefficient of Performance) indicates how efficiently the unit uses energy. A higher COP means greater energy efficiency.
It also means lower electricity consumption, so you save money.

Three Energy-Saving Technological Features

Inverter Advantages Compared to Non-Inverter
Comparison of power consumption
Based on simulated annual power consumption of Daikin 5.0 and 6.0 kW models.

Energy Saving
Inverter Power Control maximises capacity to quickly reach the set temperature. It then reduces capacity to the minimum level required to maintain the set temperature. Most of the time the unit operates at near the minimum level. Compared to non-inverter air conditioners, Daikin Inverter Power Control reduces power consumption by 30 to 40%.

More Powerful
Daikin Inverter Power Control uses its full capacity at startup to quickly reach the set temperature so that you can air-condition your room faster.

More Precise Control
As soon as Inverter Power Control reaches the set temperature, it finely adjusts capacity to eliminate any temperature fluctuations and give greater comfort.

Inverter power control gives you greater comfort  
Intelligent Eye Keeps Watch on Waste Energy

Intelligent Eye is an infrared sensor with the ability to detect human movement in a room. When there is no movement, Intelligent Eye adjusts the temperature by 2 C to give energy savings of up to 20% for cooling operation and 30% for heating operation. This reduces waste energy if you forget to turn off the air conditioner. All wall-mounted type models are equipped with Intelligent Eye. This function can be conveniently activated from the wireless remote controller.

Once Intelligent Eye is set, it conveniently continues to work to save energy. You do not need to push the SENSOR button each time you wish to use this function.

Top view
Side view
The figures in brackets indicate the detection area of FTK(X)E25/35B.
For FTK(X)E25/35B, manual adjustment of the sensor allows the area to be moved to the left or right by up to 15.

Floor / Ceiling - Suspendee Dual Type

2-way installation
These slim and lightweight units are the perfect choice for rooms without false ceilings. Ceiling-suspended installation frees up floor and wall space, and floor-level installation is possible without loss of heating capacity.
Perfect airflow
Vertical Auto-Swing direct warm/cool air to every corner of a room.
Quick return to favourite comfort levels
Home Leave Operation prevents large rises or falls in the indoor temperature by continuing operation while you are sleeping or out of your home. It also allows indoor temperature to be quickly returned to your favourite comfort level.
Line up
Type .Model.
  Appearance Capacity range ( kW class )
2.5 3.5 5.0 6.0 7.1


Floor / Ceiling-
suspended dual

FLK Cooling
FLX Cooling
Floor / Ceiling-
suspended dual
FL Cooling
50 Hz
Please direct enquiries about individual products and prices to local distributors.